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Reflector is an important component in laser beam transmission system. In CO2 laser optical path, the coordination between reflector and focus lens constitutes a complete optical path, which saves more space for laser machine design, minimizes laser loss and, to a great extent, keeps the power of the laser work.

1、 Product Name: Mo metal mirror
Generally, reflector use molybdenum and silicon as the substrate. Mo reflector can work under the harsh environmental conditions and has long working lifetime, endure higher power, no coating on surface, wipe-resistant and the disadvantage of low reflectivity.


2、  Product Name: Silicon dielectric film reflector
At present, Silicon reflector with good optics characteristics is mostly used. Dielectric film reflector is a new total reflection mirror with the single crystal Si as substrate and coating dielectric material on it to reflect CO2 laser. It has advantages of a high reflectivity, light weight, wipe-resistant and resistant to oxidation and etc.

Common processing requirements for the reflector.
Appearance tolerance: 0/-0.1mm
Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm
Finish: S1:40-20,S2: finish grinding
Parallel degree: <1′
Effective aperture: >90%
Chamfer: <0.2×45°
Coating film: coating high anti-membrane