EFR PS-N60/80 Güç Kaynağı


60-80 Watt Güç Kaynağı
EFR 60-80 Watt  lazer tüplerinde ve benzer güçteki lazer tüplerinde kullanmak için uygundur.


EFR power supplies for CO2 laser tubes adopt zero-current half-bridge soft-switch circuit to ensure the equipment has advantages of high efficiency, rapid response speed and simple port control, and applicable to two signals – high and low level. TTL level is to control the laser on/off, in the meantime, the power supply has an anomalistical protective switch to check whether the outer water and air, etc. are free or not. Adjust the laser power: Input imitative signal, from 0 to 5V, or input PWM signal to control the output laser power Ageing test before leaving the factory: Each power supply before sold will go throuth the ageing tests, which is made at tempareture 65ºC with full-load condition and sustains 10 hours, is turned on/off 300 times within 7 seconds Main features of EFR Power Supply: 1、Excellent compatibility . 2、Extending the lifespan of the laser tube 3、Power supply has a feedback port, which can be used for closed-loop control and also for checking the laser tube’s operating current. 4、Power supply iteself has a protection while in open-circuit state: Under the outer shell of the power is well connected with the ground, the power supply can be used in open-circuit state within a short time so as to avoid damaging the power supply when the laser tube leaks. Furthermore, the poewr supply’s working lifespan will be prolonged.